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One More Rep Weightlifting Apparel


One More Rep is the place to get all of your weightlifting t-shirts, hats, and apparel. We are always working hard to get you the workout gear you want. Since 2006 we've been determined spread our message and get our shirts into the hands of the people who want it most. The people who understand the gym and who live for the feel of the iron in their hands. The ones who spend their day waiting til they can take on those extra plates and beat their max. If you understand the feeling when you push deep and force your body when it thinks it has nothing left to get that last rep then you are in the right place! We applaud your strength, your determination, and your resolve. Welcome to One More Rep!

If you want to stay up to date on events and join in our growing circle of fellow weightlifters, check us out and like us on facebook at: where you'll get insider updates on new products, events, and information. Above all else you'll be joining in with people who think the same way as you.